Find the right fit for your company culture with our recruitment process

We specialize in industrial, manufacturing, administrative and construction employment. With over 10k applicants at our disposal, we’ll keep your team humming along.

Custom-Designed Hiring Plans to Optimize any Work Environment


We are the perfect staffing service to provide you with a day labor to cover an absent, a sudden delivery or simply a busy day.


We are a staffing service that offers temporary employees with the flexibility you may need during special projects, busy seasons, or large orders.

Temp to Hire

This option is a lot like a test drive. You have the opportunity to evaluate the employees’ performance for 520 consecutive hours, after that you can either keep them on as a temp or hire them on as a direct hire without any additional fees, as long as you don’t have an outstanding balance. 

Direct Hire

We do the recruiting and you do the interviewing. Once you decide the best fit for your company, you will pay a pre-negotiated fee and are immediately free to incorporate them on to your team.

What do you get with Region Staffing?

Fill positions quickly

We spend time recruiting year round so you don’t have to, so when you need the right fit, our talent pool is ready to hire.

Make your hiring process easier

Save time and money on recruiting costs by removing recruiting, screening and interviewing costs associated with hiring. We are your go to staffing agency, temp agency and employment agency.

Try before you buy

Reduce turnover rates with a better fit for your company culture, We will let you keep trying out candidates until you find the one that fits your culture and requirements.

10,000+ Work-ready Talent Pool

Our 10k+ Ready-To-Work-Hiring Pool specializes in Construction, Manufacturing, Administration, and Warehousing talent. Our local team of experts will reduce your average fill rate to fraction.

Eliminate momentum-killing open positions

Recover lost profits from the effects of understaffing on production output.

Reduce downtime and onboarding

Our Talent Pool is pre-screened, processed and qualified by skillset. We can place the right candidate on a jobsite in as little as one day.

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