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5 Tips to Stand Out in a Job Interview

You’ve been searching for a job for weeks, maybe even months. You’re tired of cover letters and phone interviews. You want an in-person interview with a potential employer who can see all your hard work, skills, and passion. And you want the opportunity to impress them enough to get that offer letter!

Landing your dream job has always been difficult – even if you’re experienced. Many employers are on the lookout for people with energy, a solid work ethic and a willingness to learn. Many times attitude, not aptitude, will get you hired, so don’t let a lack of experience keep you from applying! Utilize all relevant resources to show them how ready you are for this new challenge. Bring your A-Game to the interview- this means a great personal presentation, positive energy, organization, and some basic company or industry research so you can show your interest and desire in this new environment. Even without direct experience, there will still be something worth showing off when it comes down to interview.

First, how do you get a great job? It’s not a question that can be answered quickly.

The general consensus in the field of hiring is that even in an economy when jobs are scarce – especially for certain industries and professions – many employers are on the lookout for people with a great attitude. Employers want to know how interested a candidate is in the opportunity. It’s one thing to need a job, it’s another to want to come to work every day. The employer wants to be sure they are bringing on someone that will get through the initial training and become a productive employee. Employers are looking for people that want to be there.

This comes down to desire. How do you show desire? Employers need to feel how much you want the job. If they ask how interested you are in the position and you are not sure, it will cause doubt. Positive energy and being eager to learn can go a long way to overcome lack of direct experience in a particular industry.

Employers want to know how you can benefit their organization. Are you a good fit for the company and how do your skills match the job description? Employers want employees who go above and beyond. If they ask how interested you are in the position and you are not sure, it will cause doubt. Confidence and passion about working there is up to the employee. Bring passion and enthusiasm to the job interview to help them feel confident you are the right fit.

Pro Tip – During the interview, show how your life experience is relevant to this job and how skilled you are in learning new tasks and flexible to change.

As always, preparation is key. In order to stand out from the rest of the applicants, research the company in advance to make sure you are familiar with how they operate. Find a way to match your history to the new work environment. Whether it is a job or personal experience, find something you can related to and speak to that work history. For example, say you like to volunteer on the weekends for beach cleanup. This could be a great way to discuss your ability to work on a team, and to reflect your passion for service above self. The more information you have about the company or the opportunity before the interview, the more comfortable you will be with showing them you are the best fit for the new role.

Let’s sum up what we have learned.

First, if you are passionate and eager to go after a new and exciting career, don’t hesitate. Even without direct experience in the industry, you still have the ability to present yourself as a valuable commodity. Passion, energy, and attitude go a long way in an interview. The biggest difference in the companies that struggle and those that lead the pack are the quality of the people. That’s you! Go to the interview ready to show them your best qualities.

Second, be ready to describe how their company or team will benefit by hiring you. Learn about this new work environment and think about your life experiences you have had that would make you an asset. This will show your open thinking, creativity, and positive attitude.

Finally, the best way to stand out is by preparing ahead of time with these five tips: 1) research the company 2) dress appropriately 3) be confident 4) stay professional 5) have questions prepared. Good luck at your next interview!


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